Randi mccoy

About Randi L McCoy

Hello and welcome to my online Art Gallery! My name is Randi Linn McCoy. I have lived in Benicia with my husband, Gary, in the same house for over 40 years. I have always found gardening as a way to express my creative talents and have been intrigued by the Arts from an early age. During college I took an Art History course and fell in love with the Impressionist period. Since then, I have strived to create a version of Monet’s Garden in my own backyard. Once retired, I dreamed of exploring other outlets to express myself creatively. I took a painting class which opened my eyes to another beautiful world. My painting began as a part time hobby, but has developed into an intense drive fueled by my love of creative expression. Today I am an active member of Benicia Arts and devote substantial time harnessing my craft and exploring the world of Art.

*The potting bench viewed to the right was hand-crafted by my husband and has become my Plein Air Studio.